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Alexander Pushkin Museum Flat

March 1st, 2008 by admin

The Museum is situated at No. 12 Moika Embankment in St. Petersburg and was opened in 1925. The poet lived there from September 12,1836 till his death on, January 12, 1837.
The sad news that Pushkin had been seriously wounded spread around the city at once. He died two days later.
Thousands of people walked to the house to bid farewell to their dear poet. In 1987 the museum was restored after long repairs. Unfortunately there are few of Pushkin’s things and most of them are in his study, where he died. The study is a large, light and clean room. There is a desk with an armchair, bookshelves with four thousand books in 14 languages, a writing bureau, a fireplace with a mantelpiece clock showing the time of the poet’s death. One can see some sheets of paper, books, a goose-quill pen
and a bronze inkstand with a figure of a Negro boy. The figure reminded him of his great grandfather Ibrahim Hannibal.
In his study there are portraits of his fellow poets Anton Delvig, Jevgeny Baratynsky and Vasily Zhukovsky.
The bookshelves with different books occupy much space. During his life the poet was fond of collecting old and rare books.In the hall visitors can see the poet’s waistcoat he was wearing at the duel, his death-mask and the locket with a lock of hair.Tourists from different countries of the world visit and admire the Pushkin Museum Flat. If you’re in st. Petersburg do visit this museum.

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